Prayer Requests

May 13

Don Piers

Don Piers has been ill with a high fever for about 4-5 days.  He went to the doctor and got some strong antibiotics, which seem to be helping.  Praises that he is feeling better!  Continue to pray that he recovers quickly.


May 13

Terry Childress

Please be in prayer for Terry Childress as he undergoes eye surgery (retina) tomorrow morning at 6:30 am.  Pray for successful surgery and that the healing goes well.

Update May 15

Received this update from Katie Childress concerning Terry's eye surgery yesterday:

We are at follow up surgery appt right now. He is doing good. It will be 2 weeks before we get lab results to know cause/kind of infection that has been attacking his vision. Thank you for prayers to all. God is good.


March 30

Update on Larry Loftis

Thank you for praying.  He is on his way home now.  After a rough few days dealing with a fib, low BP and low heart rate, they finally got his heart regulated and didn't have to put him back in the hospital today like they thought they might yesterday.  He passed their heart and blood test (thankful he didn't have to get a blood transfusion).  Mike flew up Wed. and is helping PaPa and BeaMom get home safely on the plane.  He had to learn how to use a lifting device to move him since he isn't allowed to use his upper arm strength after open heart surgery one week ago today.  I'll pick them up tonight at the airport around 10 pm.  Please continue to pray for PaPa Larry as he recovers and for Bea's strength and stamina as she cares for him over the next 6 to 8 weeks especially.   

Update Friday morning:

They missed one flight and ended up getting  home around 1:30am this morning.  Keep the prayers going!

Update April 4

Larry is doing better now that they have taken him off the meds that were causing his blood pressure and heart rate to be too low.  Larry and Bea are thankful to be home and can rest much better there than in a hospital or hotel.  Thank you all for your continued prayers.  


March 26

From Rebekah Loftis

PaPa Larry was able to sit up the night after his surgery and they've got him to walking now (he started walking some on Saturday). He had an episode with A FIB (irregular heartbeat) yesterday, so they gave him some meds to get that under control. Please pray for his strength to endure the flight home and for Bea as she helps care for him.  Mike may need to fly home with them to ensure they're okay and get the help they need getting on and off the plane home. 

(See Janice's email for specific details about discharge date, etc.)


March 22

From Phil Loftis

Update on Larry Loftis

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. My mom, Rebekah, has been texting me and keeping me updated with the surgery schedule. My grandfather, Larry, went into surgery this morning at 7:30 am - they are an hour behind, so 8:30 am our time. The surgery could take about 7 hours, and will go to ICU this afternoon around 3:00 pm or 3:30 pm. 

I will send out another update once I hear more information. Thank you again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Update from Rebekah

Just finished speaking with the doctor around 4 pm here, and he was pleased with how well things went, he was able to repair the leaky valves and didn't have to replace them. So we will get to see him in about 20 more mins. We saw him and he looked better than we thought he would. We will come back later this evening. If all goes well he will be moved to PCU tomorrow. Since they repaired instead of replaced valves, will be going off some meds and possibly change to other meds. Praise the Lord he is doing well now.  To God be the glory!

They will be taking the breathing machine out by 7 pm and if all is well move him to the PCU (progressive care unit) tomorrow. 

Thank you for your prayers. 

(See Janice's email for specific details on length of hospital stay, etc.)


March 17

From Rebekah Loftis

We just received word yesterday afternoon that Larry is strong enough for heart surgery next Thursday, March 22nd.  Due to the leaky mitral valve being more pronounced along with another leak on the other side of his heart, they will have to do open heart surgery instead of the less invasive surgery as they had previously hoped they could do.  We appreciate your prayers for Larry and our family during these difficult days.  

We will let you know how things go next week.  Praying the Lord's will be done through it all and we continue to rest in His sovereignty over all things knowing He is working His purposes out for our good and His glory. 

(See Janice's email of March 17 for specific details.)


March 2

From Rich Lambert

Hi everyone.  Here are some prayer requests that I would love for you to send out.

(See Janice Dulaney's email of March 2 for the first request, as it is confidential.)

Second, one of our managers has a grand daughter who was placed in a medically induced coma due to a stroke.  The girl is named Grace and she is only 16 years old. Please pray for her recovery and for the family.


February 16

From Sharlene Grubb

Thanks to everyone who has sent notes of your prayers for my Mom. 

She was released from ICU Wednesday afternoon around 5:00 to a regular room. The doctors are encouraged by her response to the mega doses of antibiotics she’s getting. Still waiting to get blood cultures back to determine if the antibiotics she’s received are appropriate for the bacteria she has but things seem to be looking up! The Doctor said that if we’d waited even another 24 hours the situation would be a lot more severe so we’re thankful for how the Lord is guiding and directing our steps! Thanks again for praying!


February 14

From Sharlene Grubb

Please pray for my mother, Lucile, she was admitted to the hospital Tuesday night. She is in ICU with a UTI and sepsis. We are hoping that she can be moved from ICU later today as she has shown some improvements with all the antibiotics that have been administered.


February 12

We are deeply saddened to inform you that Mrs. Reatha Mae “Shorty” Ratliff, mother of Darold (Karla) died on Saturday, February 10, 2018. See Janice's email for visitation and funeral information. Please pray for God’s comforting presence and peace for Darold and the Ratliff family during this difficult time.


January 16

From Laura Shrum

My brother David's surgery went well Friday, and then he had very rough night on Saturday and a little better yesterday (Sunday). He will head out from the hospital some time today to head back to my mom house. He still needs recovery and still needs a lot of prayers for healing. 


January 11

Pam Revels reports that her outpatient surgery went well today.  Thank you for your prayers and continue to pray for successful recovery.


January 11

Please be in prayer for Laura Shrum's brother David as he will have surgery tomorrow.