Prayer Requests

July 3

We are deeply saddened to inform you that Mr. Charles Wuest, brother of Bea Loftis (Larry) died Thursday, June 28, 2018. Funeral arrangements are pending. Please pray for God’s comforting presence and peace for Bea and the Wuest family during this difficult time.

See Janice's email of 7/3 for contact information.


June 29

Please be in prayer for Mary Chandler McVann and her family.  We just got word that her son, Ryan, passed away.  Pray for comfort during this very difficult time.  See Janice's email of 6/30 for contact information, and her email of 7/3 for information about arrangements.


June 26

Please be in prayer for Jane Lowery as she is having a total knee replacement today.  Please pray for the successful surgery , doctors, peace for Jane and speedy recovery.


June 26

Lisa Hund is having ACL knee surgery today.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctor and healing for Lisa.

Update 6/28

Lisa Hund's knee surgery went well.  She is on day 2 of a 5 week recovery period.  Physical therapy starts tomorrow.  Pray for quick healing and pain relief.  Lisa says she will let us know if she needs anything (food, rides to physical therapy, etc.).

See Janice's email of 6/26 for contact information.


June 19

Michelle Studer's aunt Mary passed away yesterday. Please keep Michelle and her family in your prayers!


June 5

From Beverly Rudd

My father-in-law, Bill Rudd, Jr. was taken to the hospital late Sunday night.  He thought he was having a heart attack.  At this point, that doesn’t appear to be the case but his cardiac enzymes are increasing which isn’t good.  His condition is basically due to his heart not functioning well due to his age (92) and is typical.  Normal treatment could damage his kidneys, requiring dialysis.  We don’t know if he’s going to be allowed to go home alone.  My husband’s stepsister lives near Eden, so she is staying in touch with us. Bill and I would appreciate your prayers.

Update 6/11

An update on my father-in-law, Bill Rudd, Jr.  He was discharged from the hospital last Wednesday (June 6) and it was determined that he did have a mild heart attack.  My husband, Bill and I spent the weekend in Eden.  Mr. Rudd is doing okay for now.  He has an appointment tomorrow afternoon (June 11) to visit an assisted living facility very close to his house.  Bill's stepsister, Carolyn, will be taking him.  There are several residents there who he knows and the facilities are very nice...Please continue to pray for him and that this transition will go smoothly.

See Janice's email of 6/14 for more confidential information.


May 29

Olivia Williams

Please keep Olivia Williams in your prayers.  She took a fall and hit her head.  She had a CT scan to rule out a brain bleed, but has to be watched and is in a lot of pain.  This fall hurt her back as well.  Pray for no complications, relief from pain, and a quick recovery!

Update 6/2

As you all know by now I took a pretty tough fall backwards onto a concrete sidewalk Tuesday around noon. (Lindell & I were removing an old cabinet from his fathers condo and as I stepped down the one step onto the walkway the cabinet broke apart and thrust me backwards ). I'm so grateful that my back nor neck were broken but I did have a concussion as a result. The CT scan did not reveal a brain bleed however my doctor told me today that sometimes there will be bleeding within the first 2 weeks after such an injury. So I am asking for prayer that this does not happen.
My symptoms now are pain (all over..but especially headaches) dizziness, intermittent nausea and fever. Please pray that those will fade away in the next 2 weeks. If not this will precipitate another brain scan.
I am not to do any exercise (even our 3 mile walk around the park) and have to limit my reading and tv watching to an hour a day!!! Dr. said the brain has to rest ! (Sigh!!!!)
I will be at church Sunday but will rest in between services!!


May 29

From Rebekah Loftis

Yesterday was an emotional day and didn't make it into work, my daughter Liz was in a car accident yesterday morning at 7:04 in Fort Mill. A girl in a Chevy Tahoe side swiped her Volkswagen Beetle trying to pass a school bus. Liz is ok but her car will probably be totaled. Thankful it was on the passenger side and no others involved. I took Liz to urgent care in Baxter and while I was waiting I received a call letting me know my Dad had fallen and broken his hip. Since he has bad lungs (only one and a half lungs after lung cancer surgery in November 2016) and his electrolytes are out of balance so they couldn't do surgery on his hip yet. He is in ICU. If everything clears up they might do surgery in a couple days. If he pulls through surgery then he will probably be put on a ventilator. I'm thankful I visited him last Saturday on our way back home.  We celebrated our 31st Anniversary. Please be in prayer for my family.  I'm on my way to see my Dad now. They say he is in and out on pain meds. We picked up my Aunt Martha and are taking her with us to see him, we will take her back home after supper this evening. Mike and I will be helping lead worship by singing a special at the Carolina Garden community for seniors with Dementia.  We will miss seeing you at church. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy Memorial Day remembering our veterans with a grateful heart. 

Update 6/1

They weren't sure my Dad would get to move to rehab yesterday due to his pain level, they were still having to give some pain med by IV and he did not have a very restful night Wed. due to his pain. The nurse said she had been trying to stay away from the IV pain meds yesterday. They finally got him to pain meds by mouth only and were able to move him to rehab at 4 pm yesterday afternoon (Thursday). The nurse also said PT did get him up and he sat in the recliner by his bed some yesterday and he ate breakfast; that would be a first since he has been in the hospital (last Friday, May 25). He has had no appetite due to so much pain and all the meds he is on. The nurse said he was sleeping some yesterday just before lunch, and hadn’t done much of that either.  Pray he'll continue to want to eat, be able to sleep and get up and move more, so he can strengthen and improve.  Thanks so much for your prayers!  We praise the Lord for His mercies that are new every morning.