Prayer Requests

September 23

From Olivia Williams

''Ho, everyone who is thirsty in spirit, Ho, everyone who is weary and sad. Come to the fountain there's fullness in Jesus. All that you're longing for ...come and be glad'!!!!!
Just one of the many songs the Lord has been filling my heart with this week along with Great Is Thy Faithfulness, God of Grace, Majesty and Glory of Thy Name and my MOST favorite ....All the Way My Saviour Leads Me (thank you Don for singing along with me the day before surgery!!) 

It is hard to believe it has been over a week since the surgery!! God has been so good!! He continues to provide healing which I see and feel daily!! I am currently praising The Lord for:
*my precious army of friends who are praying continually for renewed health
*the several instances when I KNEW God was using my journey for His glory!! (Will share one day!!) May He keep me close to Him so His light will always shine bright!!!
*currently being off of all medications (not even any thing for pain)
*right Kidney is functioning, so thankful!!
*being able to eat a little bit more without nausea!! (Thanks so much for the many offers of food but eating so little of my special diet would have been a huge waste of food had we received any!!)
We are still asking for:
* my strength to return
*grace for Lindell as he cares for me.
*the Doctor as we meet with him Monday to follow up and see what our next steps will be!!
Please feel free to share these requests with contacts and fellow prayer warriors. 
I will send another update next week!
My favorite verse this week is found in Isaiah 43:16..'Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.....'


September 22

From Rebekah Loftis

I know most of you probably already know my Dad passed away on Sept 8th at Grace Hospital in Morganton NC, after a long 2 year battle with lung cancer.  It became more arduous the last 4 months with the falling and breaking his hip in May, surgery, recovery, then pneumonia, dealing with congestive heart failure and COPD; then finding the cancer had spread from his lungs to his liver and his lymph nodes.  It was so hard to see him suffer to the very end.  But I'm thankful my sisters and I were all there with him in the hospital when they knew he was unresponsive after doing the intubation vent and then the trach, hoping to begin radiation to shrink the mass that was growing so large and fast, it obstructed his airways.  They made him as comfortable as possible and had a hospice nurse there.  But most importantly we had family an d the peace of His presence amid all our sorrow and tears; He was there with us as we prayed, cried and even sang.  We prayed for God's mercy to take him home and heal him completely in heaven.  And as I've often said, my Daddy wasn't perfect but he was perfectly forgiven by our perfect Heavenly Father and by imperfect me.  Thank you for your prayers for my family.

See email from Janice for updated arrangement details.


September 13

Olivia Williams

Olivia is out of surgery. Doctor said everything went well.  He did remove the kidney, but said he believes she will be ok.  She might be in the hospital for 4 days if there are no problems.  They are thankful for your love and prayers, and love you all!

Update, September 14

Lindell finally heard from the doctor....He said this move to ICU was a precautionary measure.  The floor she was on had 1 nurse per 30 patients and the doctor wants her to have a private nurse to closely monitor her while they adjust medications and try to get her blood pressure up...So Lindell is feeling much better about this move.  She may be there a couple days, he will keep us posted.  He thanks everyone for the army of prayers going up on Olivia's behalf!

Update, September 15

The first report from this morning was that Olivia rested well and her blood pressure is a lot better.  Then, a few minutes ago, we received word that the doctor just came in and said that her kidney is not taking over as fast as it should.  So they are keeping her in ICU for awhile. They are doing more tests to see what the problem is.

Pray for wisdom for the doctors and for God's healing touch!

Update, September 16

Olivia is much better today. Doctors just left.  They gave us a good report. She is sitting up in a chair right now waiting on breakfast.  They are thinking about sending her to her own room today.  Thanks for the prayers from all of you.  We can feel them.  Hope we can come home soon. 

Update, September 17

Doctors just came in to check Olivia.  They were very pleased.  She was sitting in a chair reading her Bible verses, waiting on breakfast.  They said if she continues to improve like this, she can come home in a few days.  Praises for good kidney function, good blood pressure, and clear ultrasound!  Keep the prayers going!

Update, September 19

It has been a long exhausting day, but I'm home!!!  I got home around noon today, but it has taken all afternoon to get meds and figure out how we will navigate the bed, bathroom, etc.  I'm also having issues with nausea, so definitely can't have visitors now.  Will let you know when things settle down.  Pray that we can settle down and begin to feel normal again quickly.  Especially pray for strength for Lindell!!  He is such a good caregiver, but I know he will get exhausted quickly if he doesn't pace himself.  Love ya! 

Update, September 20

Olivia had a rough time yesterday adjusting to coming home...took a lot of energy out of her and she began throwing up and not being able to keep meds down.  They were up a couple times in the night, but the nausea stopped.  Got up this morning feeling like eating a little breakfast...had some grits with eggs.  She has managed to keep that down and both have slept well since then.  Monday is the follow up appointment with the doctor and they will do ultrasound.  They will determine the next steps then.  Olivia got on the phone and wanted to thank everyone for their prayers.  They will let us know when they are ready for visits...not a lot of energy.


September 10

Jason Eugene Powell, father of Rebekah Loftis, passed away on Saturday, September 8.  Please be in prayer for the family, for God's comfort and peace.  

See emails from Janice for arrangement details.


September 8

From Olivia Williams

This past month has been a busy one as my doctor and I have sought to determine why I continued to have sporadic abdominal pain following my fall and concussion. After discovering a bacterial infection (which required 2 weeks of massive doses of antibiotics and all that goes with it), a CT scan revealed a mass which is pressing on my left Kidney and Adrenal gland. It will have to be removed.... my surgery is scheduled for Thursday the 13th.

Now this was a surprise to me but certainly not to my Heavenly Father!! 

I believe the fall was a blessing in disguise...for we would not have found it for sometime without this experience!!

God has given me the most sweet and incredible peace during the whole process. He has also brought to mind so many encouraging scriptures. Some of my favorites are: Jeremiah 29:11;Psalm 139:10;Psalm 46:1; Philippians 4:19; Psalm 28:7; and especially Isaiah 41:13 -"For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you."
Now, if you would share as prayer warriors on my behalf, I would be humbled to send these specific requests:

*Pray for the doctor and every member of the medical team as they are God's hands during and following the surgery.

*Pray that bleeding will be controlled as that is a risk in this surgery.

*Pray that vital organs will be protected.

*Pray that calm and peace will continue to fall over us with a special portion to my sweet husband who will be taking responsibility of my care as well as his 95 year old Dad.(we are engaging a nurse to check in on him while I'm in the hospital!)

*And most of all pray that God will be glorified through our lives as we travel this journey!!!

I love your encouraging texts and emails but ask that you understand that it can be grueling to try and respond to everyone with the same information over and over. For that reason Janet has agreed to receive and forward updates to the choir and orchestra as Lindell or the children send them.This will lessen their stress during the days ahead!!!

Thank you for your love and support!!